Get a Professional Dock Inspection in the Gastonia, NC Area

A dock inspection is a non-invasive procedure where our certified team checks every component of the structure. We recommend you schedule our services during real estate transactions to understand the overall condition of the dock beforehand. If you need assistance from certified professionals in Gastonia, NC, or the surrounding area, contact us!

We Are Certified Dock Inspectors

Check For Deterioration

A boat dock inspection is not exclusive to buyers. It is important to schedule this service at least once a year to ensure there is no damage. We’ll carefully check the entire structure, the framing, and the boat lift. If any of these areas are deteriorated or missing something, we’ll let you know in our report.

Expect a Complete Report

Protect Your Dock

Protect your structure from further damage or learn everything about it before purchasing it by getting our dock inspection service in the Gastonia, NC, area. It is important to know precisely which materials were used during the construction, and we have the expertise to determine that and more. Our reports are ready within 24 hours! If you have questions or wish to schedule our services, get in touch with us now.

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